Business Attorney

Florida Business Attorneys

Just by walking down the hail or by picking up the phone, large companies have attorneys they can immediately turn to whenever they encounter a legal issue. Most small companies do not have the assistance of legal counsel so readily available. Yet, today’s business environment is extremely complex, and it is vitally important that all companies, large or small, have access to legal counsel and understand their legal rights. It is equally as important for all companies to properly implement their legal responsibilities. Because small business owners are responsible for the disposition of the company’s legal issues as well as the everyday aspects of maintaining the business, most business owners have little time to focus on other important matters involved in running a business. A business owner’s time away from the everyday workings of a business to handle complicated legal matters can prevent that company from growing and prospering. Therefore, as a business owner, it is important to place your business needs in the hands of a law firm you can trust and one that understands your specific needs.

The lawyers at Griffiths & Smitherman, P.L. have over 22 years combined experience representing companies of varying sizes and types and have the legal skill and knowledge necessary to advocate for your business. Our legal team provides our clients with an honest, cost-effective, creative, and client-focused approach in dealing with legal issues and prides itself on assisting businesses understand complex legal matters in an uncomplicated way. We will effectively, passionately, and aggressively pursue your case with diligent attention to your legal rights and best interests. No matter what sort of business you have, it is important to have the confident support of one of our lawyers. Our professional service is matched with an intimate level of understanding towards each business and individual we represent. We strive to provide an attorney/client relationship in which every client leaves the office with confidence knowing they received a truthful and competent assessment of their individual situation.

What Is Business Law?

Business Law involves the areas of law that impact the operation of a business. These areas of law include, but are not limited to, Contract Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property (Copyright, Trademark, and Patents), Advertising and Marketing Law, Franchising and Distributing, Entertainment Law, and many others. The primary purpose of a business law attorney is to provide legal services and advice to clients in areas of law that impact the operation of a business. Such services may include the formation of a corporation or other business entity, reviewing an Asset Sale and Purchase Agreement, drafting a model release, registering a company’s trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, conducting due diligence, negotiating lease terms with a landlord or tenant, representing a client’s interest in a complex litigation natter in court, and countless others services.

Business Transactions

The term “Business Transactions” refers to the drafting, execution, and administration of such important business documents as deeds for real estate, financial agreements, shares and asset purchase agreements, manufacturing contracts, employment contracts, merger documents, individual contractor agreements„ the creation of foreign or domestic corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships, and even the transfer of intellectual property from one entity to another. In short, a business transaction is any type of transaction or series of transactions that impact the ability of a business to function within the perimeters set by the laws
of the jurisdiction. Transaction attorneys review and perform any and all business transactions that the business may be engaged in.